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In an overly competitive job market, a negative performance review could be a sure sign that a pink slip is soon to follow. If you feel that your recent performance appraisal was unfair, failing to respond in a professional manner could mean losing your job. Even though an unfair performance appraisal may spark negative emotions, hurt feelings and even rage, it is important that you keep your composure at all times.

The best way to deal with an unfair performance appraisal is to remain calm and professional.


    • 1Take a note pad into your performance review so that you can jot down notes on any negative or unfair points that your supervisor makes. After the review, ask your manager or human resources director if you can have a written copy of your manager's report. Most companies that execute performance appraisals will keep a written record in the employee's file.
    • 2Take time to objectively review your performance appraisal. If you feel that your manager's points are unfair, write down your reasoning and any evidence or examples from your work history that rebut your manager's unfair contention.
    • 3Ask to set up a follow-up meeting with your manager to review the appraisal. Bring your written list of points to rebut the allegations in the performance review. Explain to your manager that you value your job and that you feel that the performance appraisal is the result of a misunderstanding. Offer your points in a very civil and respectful manner. Ask if there are any specific actions that you can take to improve your performance. If your manager agrees that the evaluation was, in fact, unfair, request that your written report be changed to reflect the new understanding between you and your manager.
    • 4Write a formal letter to your boss after your meeting detailing the topics that you discussed and any resolutions that were agreed to. Provide your human resources department with a copy of the letter to keep in your file. This step is especially important if your manager does not agree to alter your written performance evaluation.

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