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Today there are many VoIP services available, but most of these services require both sides to have the same VoIP application installed on their device. Luckily, folks from Jajah have developed a new VoIP app that should make VoIP calls a lot easier than before.

Unlike other services on the market, Jajah allows you to call your Facebook friends, so the only requirement for you to make VoIP calls is to have Facebook account and to have your contacts on Facebook friend list. When you start this app, you'll see the list of your online Facebook friends, and all that you need to do in order to call them is to click their name on the list and press the call button. After that, they'll get a chat notification with a link, they just need to follow that link to answer the call. Everything takes place in a web browser, so your friends don't need to download Jajah client or create a Jajah account.

Although this great app is free for download from Android Market, we must mention that your phone operator might charge you for a local call, so keep that in mind.

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