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It seems that both Sony and PlayStation 3 users are having problems with the PlayStation Network. The PlayStation Network has been down for several days now, and it looks like the cause of PSN's outage has been an outside attack.

According to Sony, the network has to be rebuilt due to a serious external attack, and Sony is still trying to determine the cause of the outage and is working hard to restore and maintain the servers, but since this is a security related issue, Sony won't disclose any details.

As for the outage, it all started on Thursday in the UK, and it is still taking place worldwide. One of the suspects for this attack is Anonymous, a hacking group that has already had its quarrel with Sony and Paypal. As you know, Anonymous performed a DDoS attack on Sony's main websites earlier, but Anonymous has declined their responsibility for this attack.

So far, we don't know who is behind this attack and whether your personal information is compromised, Sony has officially suspected the network 'indefinitely' but we're hoping that Sony will fix PSN issues soon.

[via CVG]

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