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Apple has decided to begin shipping a refreshed version of the popular MacBook Air next month in an attempt to stave off dwindling sales of current Air models. Many users have bought MacBook Pros in order to get a much faster machine for their money and to experience the Thunderbolt technology that's been included in the MacBook Pro since the beginning of this year.

The new MacBook Airs are rumored to include Intel's latest microprocessors, updated Intel integrated graphics, and of course the Thunderbolt technology which is an Intel interface for super high-speed data transfer with speeds of up to 10 gbps.  According to Intel using Thunderbolt you can transfer full-length high-definition movies in under 30 seconds and backup enough music to play continuously for a year in just over ten minutes.

The addition of the more powerful components paired with this wonderful data transfer technology should definitely help sales of MacBook Air models to recover in upcoming calendar quarters.

If you're interested in knowing more about Thunderbolt, including how it works and why it's worth having support for on your machine checkout the official page on Intel's site.

[via Appleinsider]

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