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Folks from Mozilla have decided to gear up and they have been releasing new version of their popular browser Firefox at rapid pace, and due to  rapid release of new versions, recently we got a new version of Firefox so let's have a closer look at it. 

Latest version of Firefox is labeled Firefox 7, and unlike the previous versions, it doesn't use as much memory as its predecessors. According to the developers, Firefox 7 now uses 50% less memory, so you can keep dozens of tabs opened without any problems. As for other additions, Firefox 7 has enhanced graphical performance with hardware acceleration, increased speed boost for Firefox Sync, and there are several UI enhancements as well. In addition, security and stability of Firefox 7 has been improved comparing to the previous versions.

With less memory usage and increased stability, Firefox 7 has a lot to offer to Firefox users, and if you haven't switched to Firefox 7 yet, make sure you do as soon as possible.


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