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As we're waiting for Google Chrome OS, we're wondering how much will netbooks with this operating system cost, and it appears that Google will use an interesting pricing strategy for its Chrome OS netbooks.

According to a reliable source, Google will sell its netbooks with a monthly subscription fee that will cost about $10-20. With this subscription, users will get hardware refreshes and hardware replacement for broken hardware as long as they pay the monthly subscription fee.

This is great if you want to keep your netbook upgraded and functional at all times, but if you don't want to pay monthly subscription fees, you can always buy these netbooks for a one-time payment, but if you chose to get them that way, they won't be coming from Google, instead, they will be produced by other manufacturers.

This is a rather unusual way to price a laptop but there are significant advantages, making Google stand out from the crowd (especially from Apple who struggles to release anything genuinely affordable for its users), but would you be willing to pay a monthly fee for your Google OS netbook?

[via Ubergizmo]

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