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There are all sorts of apps available for Android OS, but as you know, some of these apps have security vulnerabilities, and the Skype application has been one of them. The latest news is that the Skype team have now managed to fix a security hole in their app for Android OS.

According to Skype, there was a security hole in Skype for Android that allowed other apps to access its database that contained all sorts of personal data such as usernames, profiles, contacts, and chat logs. Since this security hole compromised privacy of their users, folks from Skype intervened, and they have managed to fix this security exploit by changing the database permissions. Besides fixing this security exploit, the Skype team also added a completely unrelated 3G calling feature, so now you can make both 3G and WiFi calls with Skype on your Android device.

Updated and newly patched version of Skype is now available on Android Market for download, but make sure you don't have the leaked version of Skype which has also got the video calling feature as the update will not apply.

[via Ubergizmo]

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