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Google's service StreetView is quite popular, and although it is having problems with some people that are concerned about their privacy, its been consistently popular among many users daily. However, StreetView is about to get a competitor from Microsoft.

In order to compete with StreetView Microsoft is developing a new service called StreetSide which will be a part of Bing. As you're reading this, cars with mounted 360-degree cameras are already on the streets of London, and unlike StreetView, Microsoft won't take pictures of all streets. Instead, Microsoft plans to focus on urban areas that contain all sorts of useful services to its users, but Microsoft might change its policy and focus on residential areas someday as well.

As for the availability of this service, it's already available in 56 cities in the United States, and we should see the first pictures of London in May. After London, StreetSide service should move to other cities in a month. Although it's nothing new, its good to have alternatives, lets just hope StreetSide doesn't get the same problems that Google StreetView is having in Europe which would make it completely pointless.

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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