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Somehow, this early build has been leaked and it's available for download, but it doesn't have much to offer. According to the screenshot, this build looks a lot like Windows 7, and it doesn't have the Ribbon interface. We can only notice minor interface changes in the bottom right corner that are related to user's accounts.

Of course, final version should be a lot different than this current early build. One of the features that we should mention is the ability to run Windows 8 from an external USB flash drive. This new feature is called 'Portable Workspace', and it allows you to create copies of Windows 8 and run them from a 16GB or larger USB drives. Of course, there will be certain requirements, but so far, there haven't been any details about this feature.

Microsoft won't be pleased about Windows 8 being leaked so early, and although this is just an early build, we are sure more interesting features are to come in the final version.


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