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7 cool things in Windows® 7
There are many exciting new features in Windows 7 that will make your computer experience extraordinary. We thought we'd help you sort through them by picking our top 7 Windows 7 highlights.
  1. Jump Lists
    Access your favorite pictures, songs, websites and documents in no time using Jump Lists. Just right-click a program icon on the Windows 7 taskbar to open a list of your most-used or favorite items. Lists vary by program. Internet Explorer 8 shows frequently viewed websites and Windows Media Player 12 lists commonly played tunes, etc. You can also add a favorite to a Jump List by "pinning" whatever files you like there.
  2. HomeGroup
    It's now a piece of cake to hook up a home network. Simply connect two or more PCs running Windows 7, and use HomeGroup to automatically start sharing your music, pictures, videos and documents. For example, connect your HP TouchSmart PC in the kitchen to your HP Pavilion PC in the office and your HP MediaSmart Server and use the new "Share with" menu to quickly and easily share individual files. HomeGroup is password-protected, so you're in control - you decide what gets shared, what stays private and which files to make "read only."
  3. Windows Search
    Now searching for something on your PC is as easy as searching the web, thanks to the advanced capabilities of Windows Search. Just start typing into the Start menu search box and you'll instantly see a list of documents, pictures, music and e-mail on your PC grouped by category. You can also search external hard drives and networked PCs. Highlighted keywords and text make them easier to scan, and you can instantly narrow them by date, file type and more.
  4. Snap, Aero Shake and Aero Peek
    Move, organize and manage open windows easier with the Snap, Shake and Peek features. Easily resize windows or compare two windows side-by-side, by dragging them to the edges of the screen with Snap. Aero Shake lets you click on an open window, give it a wiggle and watch all the other windows drop out of sight. Move your mouse pointer to the right edge of the taskbar and Aero Peek makes all open windows instantly transparent, so you can see your Windows 7 desktop and all your hidden icons and gadgets.
  5. Performance Improvements
    Make your PC "sleep," resume and reconnect to your network more quickly, be less memory hungry, and spot USB devices faster. With the new performance improvements in Windows 7 your PC is always ready when you are.
  6. Power Management
    Help your laptop run longer with new power-saving features designed to help your battery last. Since Windows 7 runs fewer background activities your PC's processor doesn't work as hard and draws less power. Want to watch a DVD on your HP Envy Notebook PC? No problem - DVD playback now uses less power, too. Plus, with automatic screen dimming and the switching off of unused ports, your battery will be able to go, go, go.
  7. Windows Live Essentials
    Your online life comes together like never before with Windows Live Essentials.[1] Store your photos online, post movies to the web in a couple clicks, write your blog and check multiple e-mail accounts all from one place. The new Windows Live Toolbar is your online command centre that lets you do it all - no matter where you are on the web.
But the fun doesn't stop at seven. Windows 7 is loaded with amazing new innovations and cool features that will make computing easier.
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