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Touch technology
To some, it's the next logical step in creating a more human relationship with computers. To others, it's technology that has already become indispensable to a faster, more intuitive way of working.

So what's in the power of touch for a small or medium business?

Touch in transit
First and foremost you've got to keep pace with changes in business and that means maintaining high productivity at all times. Mobile devices, especially smartphones, already go a long way toward achieving that advantage for your employees by making computing easy and allowing them to be connected. Add touch technology to those devices and their instinctive capabilities can substantially speed up processes and help users to be more organized.

Take the HP Palm-size PCs, mobile computers that fit in your hand. With touch technology, these allow you to store your business and personal information, manage your appointments and contacts, and check e-mail while on the road. [1] And then to upload updated information to your desktop or notebook PC after returning to the office.

An advance on this is the new HP Slate 500:  the ideal PC for professionals who don't usually work at a traditional desk, yet need to stay productive in a familiar Windows® environment with enhanced security features. With the HP Slate 500's multi-touch display, you can simply use your fingers to browse documents, spreadsheets and applications, check e-mail, read and edit documents, and show training or product videos directly streamed from the web. [2] And all at the touch of your fingertips!

Let's be direct
But it's a limited view to assume the advantages of touch are only applicable to handheld devices. Touch technology such as featured on the HP TouchSmart 9100 Business PC can not only help users get things done more intuitively but, as a result, more quickly.

Whatever you're doing, whether writing a report or piecing together files, records, or accounts, touch technology enables an immediate and direct response to your actions. It places you more "with" something rather than simply being "connected" via a keyboard and mouse. This can also amount to a more compelling interface with your customers, especially in terms of ordering (via a bespoke kiosk, for example), conference calls, and presentations, because it enables contact on a more personal level — true interaction.

Even HP printers have integrated touch technology, to speed up the printing of those all-important Monday morning presentation slides. With the HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw Color MFP, for example, you have a new color multifunction printer with easy touchscreen functionality. Use the touch display on the device itself or, for seriously impressive ease and speed, use HP ePrint. Wherever you have Internet, with HP ePrint, you can use one touch of your mobile device and print, remotely, free of charge with your HP ePrint enabled printer. It means you can send your documents from your smartphone while sitting on the train and they'll be there, waiting on the office printer, as you get in.

Touching clouds
This kind of intuitive ease of use is great for businesses because it helps to increase productivity and improves organisation. Used in combination with cloud computing, touch technology could even make it easier and more affordable for small to mid sized businesses to help reduce large upfront capital investments. Cloud computing with touch technology makes business more flexible than ever. And, as a result, perhaps even fun.
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