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Martin Jetpack is coming in 2012

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 07:49 AM PDT

People are always searching for new ways to commute, and if you're searching for a new and exciting way to commute than this jetpack might be the right thing for you. We're already covered Martin Jetpack not long ago, and now we have new information about it.

Martin Jetpack was first shown back in the 2008, and it has gone through some changes in order to become publicly available. Now, the speed of this jetpack is limited to 63mph and it can stay in air for only 30 minutes. However, despite these limitations, you won't need any special permission in order to fly with Martin Jetpack. Although Martin Jetpack might not replace your car or any other commuting system that you use, it still looks amazing and worth checking.

As for the Martin Jetpack, it will be available in 2012, but it won't come cheap, so if you want one you'll have to save $100 000 for it.

Toast Clock looks delicious on your wall

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 02:14 AM PDT

We've seen all sorts of geeky and weird gadgets, but this is probably one of the weirdest gadgets that we saw recently. This device is called Toast Clock, and as you can guess by its name, it combines toast and a clock into a single device.

Although Toast Clock looks like a slice of toasted bread, it's not eatable, although it looks delicious. Instead, this device is designed to work as a standard clock that you can put on your table or on your kitchen wall. Everything about this clock looks great, from its crusty surface to jam-like colored numbers. Designers really did their job well, and we have to mention that this clock comes in two sizes: the regular toast size and in extra-large size.

Toast Clock looks great, and so far, we don't have any information about pricing. As for availability, Toast Clock is available for online order, but it's only available in Japan.

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