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Rob "Eyeborg" Spence: The first man with wireless camera instead of eye

Posted: 08 Sep 2011 03:49 AM PDT

We have seen all sorts of medical implants and prosthetics that could improve the lives people with certain medical conditions, and speaking of which, today we want to introduce you to Eyeborg.

Rob Spence, also known as Eyeborg, lost his eye due to the accident, and ever since then, Rob has been working with the team of engineers to develop a camera replacement for his lost eye. Together they have managed to transform an endoscope into a working video camera that is placed inside of Rob's eye socket. As for this camera, it transmits the wireless video signal to a handheld LCD viewer wirelessly, and Rob turns the camera by moving the magnet in front of the camera. So far, this camera isn't connected to Rob's brain, but someday scientists might find a way to do that.

Bionic eyes are still far away, but scientists believe that they will manage to connect bionic eye with a visual cortex someday in the future and help many visually impaired worldwide.

[via TechCrunch]

Photo filters are coming to Facebook?

Posted: 08 Sep 2011 02:08 AM PDT

After a recent privacy and sharing update on Facebook, Facebook is working hard on new improvements, and according to the reports, this update will focus on photos and photo filters.

Facebook seems determent to add photo filters support, and after failing to acquire Instagram, it seems that Facebook is developing its own filters. As for the Instagram, it's an app similar to Hipstamatic or PicPlz, and it allows you to add all sorts of filters such as grain and desaturation to your pictures before sharing them online with your friends. So far, we don't know whether photo filters will be a native part of Facebook, or will they be available through specific app, but we expect them to be a huge hit.

We don't know when will we see photo filters on Facebook, but according to the two Facebook engineers, we won't see this option available to the public until Facebook artists and engineers create more filters, so the only thing that we can do is sit and wait for the public release of this feature.

[via Gizmodo]

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